Transformers designing

Feryster's online tool for designing transformer's construction. The tool is dedicated for engineers as well as for DIY. This tool gives all of the necessary information to build the transformer. It allows to use all raw materials available in Feryster's stock, eg. coil formers, enameled wires, TIW wires etc. All users, after login in, can design their own transformer, describe its construction, safety requirements etc., then print it to pdf file and send sample request to Feryster

Application only works on FireFox in newest version

The following programs calculate the relevant currents and voltages for various switch mode power supplies and display these graphically.

PI Expert is an interactive program that takes a user's power supply specifications and automatically determines the critical components needed to generate a working switch mode power supply. Unlike all previous versions, the newest PI Expert v.9.x includes build-in software tool that generates details of the transformer construction (PI Transformer Designer).

Feryster cores and bobbins library dedicated for PI Expert Suite 9.x software.

Feryster cores and bobbins library recommended due to safty reasons (Enlarged creepage distance coil formers) dedicated for PI Expert Suite 9.x software. Enlarged creepage distance coil formers allow, in most cases, to omit the safety margin wind inside the winding area. Thanks that windings can be spread through the full winding area length, and the same transformer is able to handle the full power offered by ferrite core.

Feryster chokes library dedicated for PI Expert Suite 9.x software

Video tutorial - how to add libraries to PI Expert Suite 9.x

Micrometals Arnold Designs is a Micrometals Arnold Inductor Software dedicated to design inductors mainly based on iron powder cores (except WIDE SWING inductors). Version from 08.2011

MicroR is a Micrometals Inductor Software dedicated to design inductors mainly based on iron powder cores (except WIDE SWING inductors).

Arnold Magnetics Software dedicated to design inductors based on Arnolds iron powder cores.

Magnetics® software design tools assist engineers in optimizing their magnetics components. The following tools are included:
- Inductor Design - software is an aid to assist design engineers in selecting the optimum core for inductor applications, specifically switch-mode power supply (SMPS) output filters, also known as DC Inductors.
- Common Mode Filter Inductor Design - software assists designers in making optimal, informed core and ferrite material choices.
- Current Transformer Design - software assists design engineers in choosing the most appropriate core material and size for a number of current transformer (CT) topologies.

Ferroxcube developed a set of 6 software tools combined in a single program. By using these tools a lot of guesswork can be avoided and the user is guided directly to the data sheet of the most suitable ferrite core. The following tools are included:

1. Inductance Factor Calculation
2. Inductor Design
3. Transformer Core Selection
4. Power Loss Calculation
5. Magnetic Regulator
6. Power Inductor Properties

The tool allows application-related parameters to be calculated for all available EPCOS ferrites and provides access to their digitized material data including their graphical representation.

Power losses in Ferroxcube materials.

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