New accesories
    EDR2609-K-V-8P-LP EDR2609-K-V-10P-LP EDR2810-K-V-7P-LP EDR3909-K-V-8P-LP
New accesories:
Rapid prototype PCB

FERYSTER utilizes a professional CNC router designed for the drilling and milling of printed circuit boards. FERYSTER offers its customers a prototype PCB within 7 working days of receiving a project in Gerber file. It is possible to make simple PCBs based on a sketch, the production lead time will be confirmed individually.

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Kool Mµ®(Sendust) segments cores.

Feryster offers new Kool Mµ®(Sendust) segments cores. Extremely large shapes are possible with Kool Mµ® segments. Available as either a complete geometry (RP-RACETRACK) or as individual interlocking segments (RP-ARC and RP-BAR), Kool Mµ® segments offer the ability to configure large shapes for high current inductors.

Micrometals, Inc. Acquires Arnold Powder Cores from Arnold Magnetic Technologies

Micrometals Inc. announced on January 6, 2010 the purchase of the powder core branch from Arnold Magnetic Technologies. See the official note here. Moreover, a new web site has been launched www.micrometalsarnoldpowdercores.com

Current transformers

Feryster offers a new TX series of current transformers. More information on Current transformer website.

Feryster official distributor of Micrometals Arnold Powder Cores

Since 1 October 2008 Feryster became official distributor of Micrometals Arnold Powder Cores on East Europe. Feryster now stocks a great selection of Micrometals Arnold Powder Cores. The latest cataloges and following core samples: MSS, HF and MPP. Designers can download free software for designing inductors based on these cores.

Enlarged creepage distance coil formers

Enlarged distance coil formers allow (in most cases) to omit the safety margin wind inside the winding area. Therefore, the windings can be spread across the full winding area length, and the same transformer is able to handle the full power offered by the ferrite core.

Helical coils

Helical coils are popular in applications where a high stacking ratio is required. They have good thermal properties and low skin effects in high frequency applications due to a large surface area and shallow skin depth. Commonly used in high current inductors, common mode chokes, differential mode chokes, power factor correction inductors and transformers. The following helical coils are available:

Software support for designing planar transformers
    calculating of planar transformers
WEB application for calculating most important parameters of planar transformers. This application supports only Flayback transformers.
New EE, EF & PQ coilformers
Power Integrations switches and PCBs for SMPS prototype designs
New items:
  • Power Integrations switches (LinkSwitch-XT, TinySwitch-II, TinySwitch-III, TinySwitch-PK, PeakSwitch, TOPSwitch-GX, TOPSwitch-HX)
  • Power Integrations PCBs for SMPS prototype designs based on PI switches.
SMD 3,5x2,1 chokes
  • Inductance: 1µH - 100µH
  • Current max.: 0,05A - 0,5A
Bobbin chokes DSZ-4x5,5 in both vertical and horizontal version
  • Inductance: 1µH - 100µH
  • Current max.: 0,15A - 0,7A
EMI Filters (RWOK)
  • Computer hardware and peripherals (modems, monitors, speakers, printers.)
  • Alarm control panel circuitry.
  • Power supply wires.
EF Multi-sectional bobbins
    Karkasy typu EE, EFKarkasy typu EE, EF
Compensated chokes on NANOPERM - DTSN cores

Data Sheets which include a new series of current-compensated chokes (DTSN type) based on nanopermcores are available for client perusal. Use of these cores ensure chokes of higher EMI-suppression in comparison with DTS type chokes. Based on ferrite cores of high permeability, thus reducing size. DTSN type chokes are one-layer wound which enables a rise in self-resonant frequency. Additionally, the DTSN-33x18x12(M-016) series is wound using lit wire to eliminate skin effect, while the DTSN-28x12x12(M-074) series is wound using double wire on a special base, which enables use the same component in two separate configurations. In a parallel connection, the maximum current is doubled, whilst in serial connection, the attenuation is multiplied.

EFD and EF Multi-sectional bobbins
SMD cores for surface mounting
  • Mini transformers.
  • Galvanic signal separation.
  • Low voltage compensated chokes.
EMI-Suppression Beads
  • Wire beads: impedance range
    Z=10Ω at 1MHz
    to Z=175Ω at 300MHz frequency

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