DTS type choke on RTF type core.

Current compensated chokes wound on toroidal cores

  • suppression of interference in electrical equipment
  • suppression of interference in electrical and electronic distribution boards
  • suppression of interference in data transmission cables
  • suppression of interference in electrical control systems for engine-driven mechanical vehicles
  • suppression of interference in ISDN network terminals and broadband ISDN devices with asynchronous data exchange


There is a possibility of usage casings and plates  in V and H version.

Dimensions [mm]
Type A B C Ø D E
DTS-10x6x3 11 5,0 20,0 4,0 1,0
DTS-12,5x7,5x5 14,0 6,5 20,0 6,0 2,0
DTS-16x9,5x6,5 19,5 8,5 20,0 6,5 2,0
DTS-20x10x10 21,5 12,5 20,0 8,0 2,0
DTS-25x15x10 27,0 13,0 20,0 9,8 2,0
DTS-31x19x13 33,0 15,0 20,0 14 2,0

Current compensated toroidal chokes are used to suppress of interference in electronic devices. They are made up of a toroidal core with two windings wound in the push-pull pattern with identical magnetic properties.

Due to such arrangement of windings, changes of induction caused by symmetrically operating currents are completely equalized or leveled out. This effect works for high currents, therefore these chokes can be used to suppress interference in electrical equipment causing asymmetric interference. Symmetric voltage interference are suppressed only to some extent.

The risk of over-modulation and reduction of effective core permeability is eliminated by the specific structure of windings and through adequate dimensions of the core designed to match the specific application.

To manufacture cores of current compensated toroidal chokes we use ferrite materials with high initial permeability (mi=4000¸10000).

Depending on the way windings are wound the stray field of these chokes can be maintained on a low level. Chokes with split winding have better winding insulation, but also stronger stray field in comparison with chokes with windings would in the bifilar pattern, whose stray field is reduced to the maximum extent.

see also: DUS, D-ES

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